Authorities Arrest Bakersfield Hells Angels in Major Gang Investigation

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Written By Kanisha Laing

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The entire Bakersfield, California, Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was arrested as part of an investigation into kidnapping, robbery, and assault, authorities said Tuesday.

The arrested individuals include five active members of the Bakersfield chapter and two members of the Sons of Hell, a motorcycle club affiliated with the Bakersfield Hells Angels, according to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement officers confiscated 25 firearms, ammunition, and gang-related items. These arrests were the result of a joint investigation by the ATF, the sheriff’s office, and the California Highway Patrol. The investigation is ongoing.

One of the suspects, John Vaughn, 37, was already in custody for other charges. The others arrested were Ricardo Alvarez, 42; Armando Villasenor, 55; Joseph Soto Sr., 57; Joseph Soto Jr., 33; Joshua Zavala, 31; and John Seeger, 57. Vaughn and Seeger are members of Sons of Hell, while the others are from the Bakersfield Hells Angels.

They have not been formally charged yet. The allegations include kidnapping, robbery, criminal threats, false imprisonment, assault with a firearm, participation in a criminal gang, criminal conspiracy, intimidating a witness or victim, and elder abuse.

Details about whether these allegations are from one incident or multiple incidents are not yet clear. The Kern County Sheriff’s spokesperson, Lori Meza, said more information can’t be disclosed at this time because the investigation is still ongoing.

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