Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Roger Bonds Ready to Testify Against Mogul

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Written By Kanisha Laing

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Sean “Diddy” Combs might have hoped a white-water rafting trip would distract from his legal troubles, but it seems they’re far from over. Roger Bonds, Diddy’s former bodyguard, recently appeared on VladTV, stating he’s ready to testify against the music mogul if called upon.

“If I get subpoenaed, I’m not going to jail for nobody,” Bonds asserted. DJ Vlad clarified that Bonds’ testimony is optional and he wouldn’t face jail time for staying silent, but Bonds insisted he would testify.

“I can’t claim to advocate for something and then not stand up for it,” Bonds said. He emphasized his commitment to supporting the women involved in the case. “Anything I can do to help these women, I would do.”

Addressing those who might label him a “snitch,” Bonds said, “I’m not a street guy. That life is long behind me. I’ve got four daughters, one in the music industry. How can I worry about myself at 57 when I’ve faced criminal cases where I could’ve gotten 100 years?”

He added, “When it comes to Diddy, this is small fries to me. Only someone who hasn’t faced real challenges in life would call this snitching.”

Bonds has been vocal about his opinions on Combs since Cassie’s lawsuit against the Bad Boy Records founder came to light. In her lawsuit, Cassie alleged that Bonds witnessed Diddy stomping on her face in January 2009. Bonds tried to stop the assault but couldn’t.

“I’m willing to tell my truth because I was silent for so many years. Now, nothing matters but family,” Bonds wrote in a now-deleted post.

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