Downey Police Shoot and Kill Man Following Fireworks Disturbance

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Written By Kanisha Laing

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Police shot and killed a man who was setting off fireworks in his backyard in Downey on Saturday.

They were called to the 7100 block of Stewart and Gray Road, near Pernell Avenue, around 6:15 p.m. because of a disturbance in the area, according to a statement from the Downey Police Department.

“Officers arrived on scene and during their investigation, an officer-involved shooting occurred,” the statement said. “A male subject was shot and died from his injuries.”

Witnesses say the incident started when a neighbor, who reportedly has mental health issues, was lighting fireworks in his backyard and got into an argument with another neighbor.

The exact details leading up to the shooting are still unclear.

The California Department of Justice will investigate the incident because the man was unarmed when he was killed.

No other injuries were reported.

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