Ethics Policy

We aim to deliver facts with precision and context, striving to cover all sides of a story with accuracy, fairness, and transparency.


We prioritize accuracy in our reporting. All sources are verified, and all content is fact-checked before publication. Articles undergo multiple reviews to ensure precision. While we strive to provide timely and accurate information, there may be occasional technical or typographical errors. In rare cases, significant errors due to human judgment may occur. When such instances arise, we will issue corrections, clarifications, or editor’s notes as necessary.


Fairness is a cornerstone of our reporting. All employees are expected to adhere to these standards, ensuring a strong sense of fair play. We aim to accurately report the motives of our sources and maintain a tone and language that fosters fairness.

A story is not fair if it omits significant facts, includes irrelevant information, or misleads the reader. Fair coverage requires completeness, relevance, and honesty. Additionally, it is essential to give individuals or institutions the opportunity to address any assertions or claims made against them.


Trust is built on transparency. We are committed to avoiding conflicts of interest whenever possible.

We do not accept gifts or payments from news sources, governments, government-funded agencies, officials, political parties, or representatives involved in controversial issues. Reporters and editors must also refrain from accepting payments or privileges from any individuals, companies, institutions, or organizations they cover.

Furthermore, all content must be accurately attributed. Anonymous sourcing is allowed only as a last resort and requires approval from the editor-in-chief. In such cases, reporters and editors must ensure the credibility and accessibility of the source.