Hinesville Police Confirm Deaths of Two Missing Firefighters in Tennessee

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Written By Kanisha Laing

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Two Liberty County firefighters who went missing recently have been found dead in Tennessee. The Hinesville Police Department announced the discovery on Sunday evening.

Tennessee authorities in Cocke County located the bodies of Raegan Anderson and Chandler Kuhbander, along with Anderson’s missing vehicle.

Police have not released further details as the investigation continues.

“We extend our deepest condolences to the Anderson and Kuhbander families during this incredibly difficult time,” said a department spokesperson.

The Cocke County Sheriff’s Office stated that the bodies would undergo autopsies to determine the cause of death.

Anderson and Kuhbander were identified as firefighters from Liberty County, which is near Savannah. They were driving a black 2017 Ford Focus with a firefighter logo on the license plate, which was found near their bodies.

After they were reported missing, Kuhbander’s mother posted on social media that she did not believe her son left with Anderson willingly. She claimed Anderson was a danger to herself and that her son was likely trying to help her.

Kuhbander and Anderson had dated for several years but were no longer a couple, according to his mother.

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