Husband Confesses to Murder of Missing Flagstaff Woman

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Written By Kanisha Laing

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The Flagstaff community was shaken with the news that Daniel Paduchowski, husband of Kelly Paduchowski, has confessed to her murder. Kelly, 45, had been reported missing on June 30, 2024, and her body was tragically discovered on Friday morning, though specific details of the discovery have not been disclosed due to the ongoing investigation.

In a solemn news conference, Coconino County Attorney Michael Tunink detailed Daniel Paduchowski’s admission to charges including second-degree murder, evidence tampering, and attempts to conceal Kelly’s body. The case also involves possession of controlled substances.

Daniel Paduchowski’s arrest followed thorough investigations that included analyzing Kelly’s cellphone data, pinpointing their movements near Schultz Creek Trail and Campbell Mesa Trail Head on the day she went missing.

Tunink noted that despite initial attempts to mislead investigators, Daniel Paduchowski eventually cooperated, leading authorities to Kelly’s remains and crucial evidence crucial to the case.

As part of a plea agreement, Daniel Paduchowski faces a 16-year sentence, the maximum for second-degree murder in Arizona.

The community response to Kelly’s disappearance was marked by extensive search efforts involving drones, search dogs, and over 60 volunteer teams. Eyewitness accounts and community support played pivotal roles in supporting the investigation.

Chief Sean Connolly of the Flagstaff Police Department expressed heartfelt condolences to Kelly’s family and recognized the emotional toll the tragedy has taken on the community.

Mayor Becky Daggett echoed these sentiments, highlighting the community’s unity in assisting the Paduchowski family and respecting their need for privacy during this difficult time.

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