Iowa and Nebraska Treasurers Encourage Residents to Reclaim Unclaimed Cash

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Written By Kanisha Laing

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Every year, across Iowa and Nebraska, millions of dollars in unclaimed funds patiently wait for their rightful owners to come forward.

Recently, Iowa Treasurer Roby Smith highlighted this issue with a gesture of goodwill, presenting over $12,000 to Heartland Family Service. These funds, originally from dormant accounts and uncashed checks, rightfully belonged to the nonprofit.

“It’s always heartening when funds find their way back to where they belong,” said Marzia Shields, chief development officer at Heartland Family Service, reflecting on the unexpected windfall.

Smith reiterated the magnitude of unclaimed property held by the state, exceeding $500 million. This includes funds from dormant bank accounts, overlooked stocks, and forgotten bonds.

Iowa’s proactive approach, known as the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt, offers a straightforward process for residents to reclaim their funds. It’s fast, easy, and free—all accessible through the state’s treasury website.

Similarly, in Nebraska, State Treasurer Tom Briese echoed Smith’s sentiments regarding the simplicity of reclaiming lost funds through the Unclaimed Property Division. Residents can check online by entering basic information to see if any money is rightfully theirs.

The impact of reclaiming these funds extends beyond individuals to community organizations like Heartland Family Service. The recent allocation will bolster vital services for the homeless, support mental health counseling, and aid substance use programs. It underscores the meaningful impact of reclaiming unclaimed property, turning overlooked assets into tangible benefits for local communities.

For residents of Iowa and Nebraska, this serves as a reminder to take a moment and visit their state treasury’s website. A simple search with your name could reveal an unexpected financial windfall—money that rightfully belongs to you. It’s not just about reclaiming funds; it’s about rediscovering lost assets and contributing to the welfare of your community.

So, whether you’re in Iowa or Nebraska, don’t hesitate. Check today and potentially uncover a pleasant surprise that could make a significant difference in your life and support essential services in your community.

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