Second-Degree Murder Charges Filed After Phoenix Nightclub Shooting

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Written By Kanisha Laing

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A woman has been taken into custody following a fatal incident outside a Phoenix nightspot, with the violent event marking an abrupt end to what began as an evening of leisure for one Valley mother.

The Phoenix Police Department reported that 24-year-old Teayanna Minter surrendered herself to the Glendale Police and now faces charges of second-degree murder as a result of the shooting which occurred early on June 29 outside Club Encounters near 31st Avenue and Indian School Road.

29-year-old Ta’Janae Carter, who tragically lost her life that morning, was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds. Despite being rushed to the hospital, she later passed away from her injuries.

Ta’Janae was known for her generous spirit and humor. Her loved ones, grieving deeply, remember her as an exceptional mother with a huge heart.

The impact of this heartbreaking event goes beyond the immediate sorrow. Ta’Janae’s sister, Shant Cunningham, is determined to preserve her sister’s memory by celebrating her remarkable qualities. “She was an amazing mother, and that’s something no one can dispute,” Cunningham shared with 12News. She fondly recalls Ta’Janae’s love for her family, her sense of humor, and her vibrant passion for life.

While the evening meant for relaxation turned tragic, Carter’s family is committed to honoring her memory during this difficult time. They have set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of her funeral expenses.

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