Teen Beauty Queen Pushes for Seizure Safety Law in Indiana Schools

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Written By Michael Hack

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INDIANAPOLIS — The newly crowned Miss Indiana Teen 2024, Bella Bauer, is using her title to support an important cause.

Bella, who is 18 years old, started “The Purple Project” to help people understand more about epilepsy.

Bella was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was in 5th grade. Her first grand mal seizure happened in front of her classmates, and it was a life-changing moment for her. Now, she is working to bring her mission to the Indiana Statehouse. She wants to help create a new law that ensures all schools in Indiana have first aid training for seizures.

“There is currently no law in Indiana that protects children if they have a seizure at school,” Bella said. “Teachers and staff do not have to go through any seizure and safety training, and I am pushing for that to change.”

This fall, Bella will be attending Purdue University. She has already joined the school dance team and plans to study physical therapy.

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