Top 10 College Football Recruiting Classes for 2026

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Written By Kanisha Laing

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As college football gears up for the 2025 season, programs are already eyeing the future with their 2026 recruiting classes. Here’s a snapshot of the top 10 classes and the standout talent they’re bringing in.

1. Florida State

Florida State is making early moves in the 2026 recruiting cycle, securing top talent like ESPN Junior 300 athlete Efrem White, known for his versatility and playmaking skills. Quarterback Brady Smigiel from California adds depth and precision to their roster.

2. Oklahoma

Shifting focus from Texas to California, Oklahoma lands Jaden O’Neal, a quarterback with a strong arm and adaptability. They’ve also picked up ESPN Junior 300 running back Jonathan Hatton Jr., enhancing their ground game with speed and power.

3. USC

USC is bolstering their defense with local talent, including top cornerback prospect Brandon Lockhart and physical defensive back Dominick Kelly from Florida, strengthening their secondary.

4. Syracuse

Under Fran Brown’s guidance, Syracuse is climbing the recruiting ranks. They’ve secured explosive cornerback Demetres Samuel and agile linebacker Izayia Williams, adding defensive prowess to their lineup.

5. Texas

Looking beyond current stars like Quinn Ewers, Texas is preparing for the future with Dia Bell, a promising quarterback known for his deep passing ability. Speedy wide receiver Chris Stewart adds depth to their receiving corps.

6. Penn State

Penn State starts strong with Messiah Mickens, a powerful running back known for his speed and strength. Quarterback Troy Huhn brings a strong arm and potential for growth to the Nittany Lions’ offense.

7. Miami

Miami taps into local talent with ESPN Junior 300 linebacker Jordan Campbell and dynamic receiver Malachi Toney, fortifying their defense and offense respectively with skill and agility.

8. LSU

LSU continues its tradition of recruiting excellence, securing versatile athlete Jakai Anderson and imposing defensive lineman Richard Anderson, adding depth and skill to their team.

9. Mississippi State

Mississippi State is making headlines with quarterback Michael Johnson, praised for his mobility and quick decision-making. In-state running back Jaeden Hill adds depth and power to their offensive lineup.

10. Florida

Florida builds momentum with ESPN Junior 300 quarterback Will Griffin, known for his strong arm and accuracy. Rangy cornerback Jaelen Waters enhances their defensive capabilities.

These recruiting classes not only promise to shape competitive rosters but also lay the groundwork for sustained success through strategic talent acquisition and development.

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