Vehicle Crash in Deer Park Nail Salon Kills 4, Leaves 9 Injured

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At least four people died and nine were injured when a vehicle crashed into a building in Long Island, New York, on Friday afternoon, officials said, according to FOX 5.

The crash happened at 4:42 p.m. at the Hawaii Nail & Spa on Grand Avenue in Deer Park, Suffolk County.

Police reported that a minivan “drove through the building, all the way through.” Several people were trapped inside the business after the crash.

Footage from the scene showed a huge hole in the small local business where the vehicle had crashed through.

The driver was partially conscious when first responders arrived, police said.

Witness Eric Perez told Fox News Digital that he heard the crash.

“It sounded like glass shattering,” Perez said. “Like nothing I’ve heard before.”

Perez initially ignored the noise until he saw police cars everywhere.

“I disregarded it at first,” Perez said. “It’s Friday, and we live in a crazy world, and now the police are rolling out tape.”

The cause of the crash is unknown, and it is unclear if it was intentional. It is also unknown if children were inside the building or if employees or customers were injured.

The identities of the driver and the victims have not been released.

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